How Do I Access My BC Email Account?

To access your Brooklyn College email account you need to know your Email ID and Email Password. This is not the same as your WebCentral ID and Password.

What is My Email ID?

Your Email ID is automatically assigned to you during your first week of classes at Brooklyn College and will remain the same until you graduate. To find your E-Mail ID, do the following:

Your Email Password?

Your Email password is automatically assigned to you and depends on when you first enrolled at Brooklyn College.

If you enrolled in Summer/Fall 2008 or later:

If you enrolled in Spring 2008 or earlier:

Connecting to Your BC Email Account

Once you know your Email ID and password, you can connect to your email account as follows:

Still Need Help?

For additional assistance with your email account, please call the network support group at: 718-677-6180 (M-F 9am-5pm).