Getting Started with WebCentral

Here are a few things you should know before using WebCentral:

  • WebCentral Terminology
  • Portal: You may hear the word "portal" used when discussing WebCentral, since WebCentral is a portal to information.
    Channel: Each individual application in WebCentral is contained within a channel, represented by a box on the screen. Channels are located in either the left or right column within each tab and have a blue border title.
    Tab: All channels are grouped within the tabs displayed across the top of the page, just under the WebCentral logo. When you first login to WebCentral, your layout will contain the default set of tabs indicated below. You can also customize your layout by adding or removing tabs or channels. Roll-over or click on the tab name to view all channels within that tab.
    Header: The header is located at the top of the page and contains the logo, navigation links, and tabs.
    Footer: The footer is located at the bottom of the page and contains links to various help resources and phone numbers.
    Site Map: The site map link is located in the header and provides a quick view of all channels within WebCentral.
    Shortcuts: Shortcuts are located in the left-column of WebCentral and provide quick access to frequently used services and information.